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it would be funny if there was a card that didint ever spawn because of the seed that was still programmed in

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95 first try

101 2nd

96 nice

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7 months ago, I got 93 for today: mostly pillow and fire, even candy

Now, as 8/12/20222, I got 99 

i got 94!


now 97 :)

Do you know what the highest possible score is? I was able to get 100.

I'm not sure what the highest possible score is, my highest is 105 and I think I saw a comment from someone who got 106

Loved the game! It's got a nice, relaxed feeling to it and makes you feel fantastic playing it! Definitely a great game to pass the time


101! Cute game, loved the simple design :)


First try... got a 100

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Got a 94! Great game, thanks for the cozy fun!

EDIT: Btw you exported this in Debug mode apparently, you should change it to Release mode instead.

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94. Fun, lol


My high cozy score was 90. I want hot cocoa now!

Very well made game. I scored 92, but I had no idea what I was doing :D.


Noice! Lol


Got a 94 haha, I really love the art that you did for this game.

Thanks! I had a lot of fun with that part :)


Cute intuitive game. Although the matching bonus is easy to guess, the extra card at 10 is harder to guess. Sometimes a complaint is that you might add 3 or 4 to 8 and expect to be left with 9 points (8+3-2) or get 2 extra cards (8+4-2-2), but I don't think it worked out that way. Despite this, trying to get extra cards is often worthwhile, since they are worth 2+, so you sometimes even forgo a matching bonus (+1). I managed 106


Ah, yeah! I should have done it so that overflow worked correctly like that. Would have been cool. Congrats on the high score!


First Cozy score was 90. Only had a couple cards not go in good places lol



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Highest score I got to was 101.

Also, stacking all the cards in 1 pile makes them go out of bounds lmao.

Fun quick game though.

Hahah 101 is a really good score. I think my highest is 105