This game was built by one person in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 33 game jam.

Move Left - A
Move Right - D
Roll - K
Attack - J
Restart - R


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Grave 2 MB
Grave Source (GMS 1.4) 2 MB


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Cool game, boss destroyed me ;d

Heartbeast :) .... add jump in game!!! XD ..


Okay, so I super love this game and I think it's very impressive, especially for a 48 hour build! That being said, I'VE GOTTEN FUCKED OVER BY THOSE BIRDS MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT!!!

i also have been fucked by the birds meany times your not alone


This game is awesome it makes you feel like a you are the coolest person in the world!


Very fun game! And nice art style!


how to turn on the game after downloading?


damned game is too addictive

this is cool, make more!


Here's an easy way to infinite this game. I've survived far past 1000 kills using this method. I suspect there is no upper limit.





Such a good game :)




love the game.

Just finished playing your game and man do I love the concept. Thank you for making it. 

My Gameplay

Very fun and a bit difficult feels responsive


Quite enjoyable, also quite difficult, which isn't a bad thing by any means. Also the simple black, white, and grey pallet was a good choice for this.


Some tips for people wanting to get further:

  1. the enemy swordsman swing slow enough you can run past them without getting hit
  2. they also have friendly fire
  3. roll less, it moves you so far forward you can't react to a fast bird/large sword bearer
  4. the first two strikes of your 3 hit combo (hit j really fast) have small backwards hitboxes. you can hit birds flying behind you
  5. the large sword bearer hits with the sword. if you get close enough to their feet they cannot hit you
  6. the large sword bearers actually space slightly outside their range, you don't have to move

See this very low resolution example on Imgur

very fun :) i can't can't get pass 60 kills though :( any tips there are just too many people


Great game! I can never beat the boss though, he is insanely tough. Any tips guys?


theres a boss?!?!

The giant enemies



PLEASE add a HERO mode,and more attacks

i love this game!

Please.. Add a Restart button

there is, you click r

Nice game. Had fun playing it 

how did you make the highscore?

Very nice! Created by one person within 48 hours animation graphics and all! :)

Very cool game! The graphics are basic, but the good choice of colours, nice animations and the music bring a really nice feel to it. The gameplay is simple too, but works really well and it's fun. I'd like to invite you to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship!

Can't get this to work. Using the Itch launcher app thingy. shame, looks cool.

Hey! Are you running the downloadable file or the web version of the game?

The downloadable file. I've downloaded it into the Itch app.

I think there needs to be some kind of jumping mechanic, since each move have a fair amount of lag behind it, making it hard to time and predict movements when the map is filled with enemies

it doesnt work for me, i just have black screen 

what browser and what version are you running ? 

are you on desktop or tablet or mobile ? 

what operating system are you on ? MS Windows ? Mac ? Linux ?

Don't working to me, using Windows 10  in a laptop.

Great game! But it seems roll is actually assigned to K instead of Space.




it's funnt the fact that you can keep rolling around the giant and he will attack all other enemies. In general, i like the game a lot. The gameplay and the art.

I love the simplicity of it - also find it hilarious because i find the birds to be the biggest threat of all XD you can stay at the big guy's feet and he can't touch you and the normal grunts are easily knocked back into oblivion - the birds however, i fail to roll past often and always slow me down/mess me up.

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i cant get it to run, when i press launch, it comes up with an error saying that it couldn't find an executable, if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me.

From what I've noticed, this is a HTML game. So if you go into the folder where the game is installed, you will see some files and a "index.html". Open that with chrome or firefox and you will be able to play the game.


thank you mrwm

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