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very nice game...but does it have....LORE

I like how you put ld33 on some of the tombstones

Nice game

just hire the big ones and it won‘t be too hard to get hundreds,even thousands.nice game still.very interesting idea. really enjoyed it.


the first boss is really hard 


Please, we need a full game of this.



big guy's hit box and aiming can be used to your advantage

how o.0

Muy bueno!

WOOOW,nice game!

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Nice game 

wth bro

very well made and very fun, It feels a bit rushed, but considering the time frame its impressive.


This game is actually superfu


cool game but why the actual hell is attack j? why not mouse click or smth.

game with no mouse = no mouse, no mouse no click use buttons mouse for aim no aim so button

the art and animation are beautiful and the gameplay is fluid, if it had controller support it would be better because it is very dynamic, but it's a good time.

a arte e animação estão bonitas e a jogabilidade fluida, se tivesse suporte à controle seria melhor pois é bem dinâmico, mas é um bom passa tempo.




how do kill big guy

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i got 158 killz


Rolls, parries, combos, and skellies? Sounds like souls.

1:57 Per Hour Speed Run

I love this game

What the heeeeell

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I dunno if you'll see this but I've been trying for quite a bit to beat you and I'm almost there. I'm coming for that crown ;)

took me a while to get here

The crows are soo annoying.

its so hard to do

Nice! Very solid combat for a LD entry

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Consider adding some sort of heal that drops from enemys? It would make the game easier to deal with the crows

why the crows

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i love this game but the crows are obnoxious

yo hice el puntaje mas alto 324 de nivel 8, pesaba continuar pero me mato el gigante XD.


Nice work! I don't see any restrictions on the sprites, so I assume that it's okay to use sprites in my own game, giving you credit of course.  Let me know if this is not the case.  Thank you very much!

Very good for a short game


This is a great game, my only problem is that it moves so slow but you get used to it after like the first knight. Fantastico!

nice game


On mobile, but really? 48 hours? It would take me like a year to make something slightly similar lmao. Basing off the sprites and such from the gif underneath gonna get pc and try it sometime! Genuinely seems fun!


I guess the assets, esp sprite animations  were not made in these 48 hrs. Still, great job.

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