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Great work! Thank you!

Can you do a tutorial about this game?

This is math! i like math.... anyway, good job for turning a card game into a virtual game, i would like to see this done in other ways

Good game! Sounds and visuals are tight. I started to get bored around 186. Do the enemies ever get higher than 15? I didn't feel challenged.

hello i was curious if you have a tutorial for making a gaming like the griffin card game or something similar?

For a 48 hours work is very good :D

Maybe a background loop will make this more enjoyable uvu

PD: i love your pixel art, actually im going to buy the lessons on udemy c:

Greetings from México n.n/

Too bad I have to pay for the apk. but looking forward if you want to translate this in Greek. I find it incredible for maths and logic and it would be perfect if I could get a greek version of it for the students here! I would love to translate it!

I'd be open to giving out the APK and game for free to students :)

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!!! I am a student of you in udemy! And also a student outside of udemy! I can also prove it! The thing that i was talking about is for students in my dad's math class. Anyways, thanks!

Did a little LP of this:

Is it odd to say im addicted to this game?


could you make a apk download ?? so I can play it cause the browser isn't working and I'm on android

Great question! I'm currently working on an APK version with upgraded mechanics, a better tutorial, and fixed bugs. I should have it out within the next few days.

Ok Nice!


Can you upload a version where you can skip the tutorial please?

Thanks for the comment. I'll see what I can do. Are you on Windows or Mac?

Windows 7 Professional.

You should be able to download the Windows exe file here on itch then and play it that way. It has saving and only makes you do the tutorial once :)

As for removing the tutorial from the web version I'll be doing that but not till after the compo. Hope this helps.


Pretty dope

Thanks :)