This game was made in under 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 35 #ld35.

You play the game using only the mouse.

In Pixel Pets you get to feed vegetables to your cut pet monster and watch it grow and change shape. As it gets stronger you can explore the randomly generated caves, collect coins, and defeat evil monsters.


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Pixel Pets.exe 2 MB
Pixel Pets Source.gmz 89 kB


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Its cool, but is this the only place I can play it? like only on the website cuz I did buy this,

So cute and light-hearted. Wish the view wasn't SO BIG and there were some sound


How can you put it in window mode ? By using escap button, I somehow manage to do it once but it closes the game most of the time. Playing in full mode is hard on the eyes and kind of make the game ugly instead of cute.

Sorry for the TOOOOO late reply,but if you press Alt+Enter,you will enter in windowed mode.


Thanks for answering even long after! It will just make me try it again then

hahahah awesome!!! :D

That was a fantastic little "Pokémon"-like dungeon crawler; not just that the pixel art was super lovely, but also the combination with the "Tamagotchi" gameplay made me squee. <3 I wish there'd be even more to do! :) Thank you very much for that joyful game, I happily recommended it in an article on our blog and uploaded a short gameplay video for it. <3

Best wishes,


ITSSS SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE Its really fun to play


Fun game but it really need keyboard movement controls.  Mouse clicking is a horrible way to move one block at a time.  I gave up on the 3rd level because it became so tedious.


I really like this game.  If you worked on having more enemies, more monsters to fight with and more biomes it would be really awesome.




Love the pixel art


Short but funny, finally I got all the pet´s variations. It´s a nice idea, but i wish there was more enemy creatures and scenarios. Cool short game tho, I love the pet´s designs.


I love this game work in it


Super cute and fun!! I wish it was longer, but it's so good how it is!! uwu I hope to see more like this!!


Thanks! I wish I had more time to add to it but you know how Ludum Dares go XD I decided to go for short and sweet :)


Fantastic Game!


Thanks :D Glad you enjoyed it.