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The Archwizard's Arena is a turn based strategy RPG. You play as a novice wizard who has been sent to the Archwizard's arena, a dangerous place that is the demise of all who enter. The odds are stacked against you but you still have are your wits and your two magic spells to help you survive.

The game uses only the left mouse click.
This game was made in under 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.
The graphics, design, and programming were done by me (@uheartbeast)
The music and sound effects were provided by (@qwe5225)

I'm also submitting this game to the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta jam! (See updated file)

Have fun!

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Published38 days ago
TagsGameMaker, Ludum Dare 37, Magic, Pixel Art, Strategy RPG, Tactical RPG, Turn-based Strategy
Player countSingleplayer


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Archwizard's Arena (GMS2 Beta Jam) 10 MB
Archwizard's Room (Ludum Dare) 10 MB
Archwizard's Room Source 4 MB
Archwizards Arena Source 4 MB


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Is there a way to run in fullscreen?

This is a fun little game.

Great 8-bit graphics, nice music and sound effects.

I could see this being a full game with multiple different levels, power-ups, and spells/weapons.

neat and your gif looks good. how did u make it?

awesome little game

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Seems to be infected... False positive or accidentally got infected? I don't know. Anyway my virus shield doesn't let me play. So I got it checked online.

virustotal analysis

GMS 2 throws a false positive for some virus protection.

I enjoyed it a lot.


Really like this one! Very cool minimal art style, great music, and interesting mechanics. With a few randomized abilities and map layouts + a couple monster types and a single-player ladder, this one would be a knockout premium game :).

Probably if you click when then enemies are taking their turn it should speed it up 10x until your turn.

Love the graphics and gameplay.

Btw, seems I have defeated all the monsters, but nothing happened after that.

Btw, would be nice if the spells are put on the on the middle bottom to make it faster to reach the spell buttons, especially the movement tiles are near the center of the screen.


Thanks for the feedback! I might expand on the idea a bit after I finish my current full on project. I'll keep your ideas in mind :D

You're welcome! C: