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nice one

funny! :) but with my azerty  not easy! :)

Great little game! I have been following the tutorial series on coding this. Just finished up knockback states on both the knight and skeleton. Thank you for taking the time to do this! 

If anyone is interested in the course then it can be found below.

I can only move with AS and roll with SPACE...

i love this game but ,why dont have a jump button?

i absolutaly love this game but i cant get past round 4 ever


is there a place to get the soundtrack for this game?


Man respect for that 

some tips: add a jump feature and something like a bow or to throw your sword


Cool game I like it, nice art


Simpel, and super fun! :)

I usually don't like games that are repetitive, but this delightfully simple game is an exception. Great work!

Simple yet fun. Great game that I had fun playing.

Add a power-up every ten levels that has a ten percent chance to drop from a boss to take over an enemy for a level just a suggestion. Overall good game.


Great game. Honestly wish this could grow into an side scrolling fighting game. :)

only 48 hour by one persone ?

very good work. Simple graphics and soundeffects that are perfect for the game. Keep going and good lauck with you next games :D

good game 


I can't tell if I'm good or bad at this game. But I'm going to take my score and walk away.


Made a video

cool... i love it

pretty good! The game has good controls and it's working as it should


i like it

Okay... BUT THEY SUCK ANYWAY! why can't they be ducks!

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*Dies To A Bird



meh I HATE DA BIRDS!!!!!!  jktrghlwhklkjltrhgkt

the final boss... the crows. also, sup cy da boss


Please take the birds out they suck

It's like when you get Casey on the first floor of the Gungeon, and then you proceed to annihilate everything in your path like a god.

Cool game, boss destroyed me ;d

Heartbeast :) .... add jump in game!!! XD ..


Okay, so I super love this game and I think it's very impressive, especially for a 48 hour build! That being said, I'VE GOTTEN FUCKED OVER BY THOSE BIRDS MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT!!!

i also have been fucked by the birds meany times your not alone



This game is awesome it makes you feel like a you are the coolest person in the world!


Very fun game! And nice art style!


how to turn on the game after downloading?

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This might be too late but this should help you

I haven't tried it but I think it can help with the gms file

this is cool, make more!


Here's an easy way to infinite this game. I've survived far past 1000 kills using this method. I suspect there is no upper limit.



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